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Public/Family visits

Share an experience with the public on our open days.

Look out for our family fun days where there is always lots of activities
i.e. face painting, bouncy castles, inflatbales, arts and crafts, bird handling etc.

Admission charge £2 per entry every Thursdays of school holidays. 1pm - 4pm.


Health andSafety

It is important that all of our guidelines are followed to ensure your day out is educational and fun.

Health and Safety Guidelines

· Hands must be cleansed after touching animals or their pens. There are hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers close to the animal handling barn.

· Please take note of all signs posted around the site regarding health and safety.

· Children and young people must be supervised at all times whilst with the animals.

· Animals should be approached quietly, carefully and treated treat with respect. They should only be handled when a member of staff gives permission or signs permitting the visitors can do so.

· When feeding animals, children should hold their hands out flat and should not put their fingers into the mouths of animals.

· Do not kiss the animals.

· Do not eat any of the animal food.

· Do not enter animal pens.

· Do not open any gates of the animal enclosures.

· Please not that however friendly an animal is, they still may bite. Extra care and attention must be taken when approaching or feeding the animals.

· Please wash any scratched or bites with soap and water and hand sanitiser. In the event of any accident or injury, First Aid is available on site. Please inform a member of staff immediately.

· Do not eat food that has fallen on the ground or eat and drink whilst touching the animals.

· Food should be eaten in the designated area only and not in animal areas.

· Please put rubbish in the bins provided.

· Wash any children’s dummies or toys before giving them back to the child if they have fallen or come into contact with an animal or in an animal area.

· Suitable footwear and clothing must be worn.

· Please be aware on wet days, some areas may be slippery. Extra care must be taken.

· A designated smoking area is available; anyone found smoking in other areas may be asked to leave the site.

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